We produced a secure collectible ticket for the Denver 2008 Democratic National Convention Barack Obama acceptance speech at Invesco Mile High Stadium.

Working with a local designer we created a design that included a lenticular image that flipped top to bottom – alternating Barack Obama speaking and the American Flag.

To print the image two different graphics were sliced into strips and printed on the back of a plastic sheet. The light reflected off each strip is refracted in a slightly different direction, but the light from all pixels originating from the same original image is sent in the same direction. The end result is that a single eye looking at the print sees a single whole image, but two eyes will see different images. Movement of the viewer or the print causes the image to flip from one image to another.

Additional requirements of the project include union labor printing, bar coding, personalized section and concourse seat information on 84000 permutations.

Before packaging, tickets for 320 seat sections had to be individually counted and verified against master list.

Graphic designs were approved Thursday.

But seat data was not approved until the following Monday.

Our printing partner delivered the job three days later after a 11 hour 2 driver transit in a secured vehicle.